Swedish Viking metal masters Grimner release their sophomore full length effort, Frost Mot Eld today via Despotz Records.

The aggressive, melodic act known for their experimental incorporation of such non traditional metal instruments as flute, mandola and Swedish bagpipes (courtesy of Johan “Rambo” Rydberg) was conceived in 2008 in Motala, in the south of Sweden. The sextet, who began their career singing in English switched to all Swedish language lyrics on 2010’s ‘Fard’ Ep, a trend which continues on Frost Mot Eld.

“”When we started out it seemed to make sense for us to write lyrics in English since that is the ‘norm,'” the band says. “Shortly after we recorded our first demo, ‘A Call to Battle,’ we realized that we would honour our Viking ancestry better by switching to Swedish since our songs deal largely with Swedish hoistory and folklore.”

The band, who supported groundbreaking folk metallers Korpiklaani in Sweden in September of last year are looking to get back out on the road in support of the new album. “We’re looking forward to hitting the road this Spring as the Frost Mot Eld material is meant to be heard in a live situation.”

Frost Mot Eld, which features the singles, “Eldhjarta,” “Midgard Brinner” and “Res Er Mina Soner” can be ordered on iTunes and through the Despotz store. It can also be listened to on Spotify.