Somewhere in SWEDEN) Secretive Swedish black metal outfit, SOV release their debut – and most likely only – album today through Despotz Records.

The duo, Hank von Gaia and Holmes Catacombes, who both insist they were previously in popular more traditional metal bands but have no proof of this statement, met in the dead of winter in the forest that von Gaia lives in. “I love the freezing cold, dark winters here and I ran into Hank one day while on my nightly hunt,” Catacombes says. “It frees the mind and I often take my guitar and just thrash around in the snow and come up with great song ideas, although we haven’t recorded any of them yet.”

Don’t be looking to hear rumblings of churches on fire or similar actions as Sov laugh at such nonsense. “Fucking poseurs are the only ones that resort to that idiocy,” says Catacombes. “When you’re from the true underground you let your music and your lifestyle do the talking, not trendy bullshit.”

Van Gaia forces himself into the conversation, stating, “We take underground to a whole new (low) level. We have no website, no fucking Facebook, Twitter or any of that garbage. We’re not even going to do shows!”