Swedish metal champions NIGHTRAGE have always been honest and true to their craft and with the upcoming full length The Venomous they have made their strongest album to date. With the addition of guitarist Magnus Söderman and Lawrence Dinamarca (drums), Marios Iliopoulos, Ronnie Nyman and Anders Hammer have reinforced their foundation to create a masterpiece of pure melodic death metal that is The Venomous. New single, “Bemoan” is released today, March 10th.

Mainman, Marios Iliopoulos says, “The lyrical theme of the song handles the fact that every step on the way of our human evolution has lead us closer to our own doom. And when all hope is finally gone, all we can do is wait for it all to end.”

The Venomous will be released March 31st via Despotz Records and is a relentless tale of extinction, told with as much venomous aggression as there are intriguing and mesmerizing melodies. The memorable hooks and some of the catchiest choruses that metal has seen in decades does nothing to compromise the brutality and honesty that NIGHTRAGE is known for. The music is catchy and extreme, melodic and aggressive.

Lyrically The Venomous deals with the failure of mankind and how we as human beings are racing towards our own extinction.

Bemoan” can be purchased here.