Los Angeles based “dark prog” act Lucid Fly releases their first full length album, Building Castles in Air today through their own Hour Eleven Music (distributed by Vanity Music Group). You can preview the album via TeamRock / Prog here.

The band originated in Orlando, Florida, releasing a well received Ep, ‘Adapting to Gravity’ but founders Nikki Layne (vocals) and Doug Mecca (guitars) relocated to California in 2007, subsequently releasing two further critically acclaimed and fan praised Ep’s (2009’s ‘The Escape Stage’ and ‘Stasis’ in 2011) and proving their merit on the vibrant Southern California club scene.

2014 saw Lucid Fly being hand picked by Mike Portnoy to perform on the New Millenium Stage on the Progressive Nation at Sea cruise, alongside the likes of Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Riverside, Devin Townsend and more.

To help with the recording and production costs of the new album, the band turned to crowdfunding for a successful Indie GoGo campaign. The band self-produced and recorded Building Castles in Air in several studios throughout Southern California and Oregon, as well as their own home studio in Los Angeles. “Making all the decisions proved to be tough as it allowed us to explore more than ever before, which meant we had to have the discipline to reel it in and complete what became the biggest recording project by far to date,” explains Doug. They discovered that some of the major differences included the fact that none of the ten tracks on the album had been performed live and time was a major factor, as was budget, of course. “Luckily we had quite a bit of help courtesy of our amazing fans and a very successful IndieGoGo campaign,” relates Nikki. “We had 100% access to Flabbey Road Studio to do everything possible in a week. It had a great big room so we focused on all the drum tracking. Guitars were done in the home studio, then bass and vocals had to be scheduled around the crowdfunding campaign. Then a final pass with overdubs and editing gave us more input and time to finish these songs than any previous Ep. It was also the first time we tracked and edited ourselves for much of our own recording! How’s that for stressful? Haha.”

They turned to ARIA-nominated Forrester Savell, whom they had worked with on the ‘Stasis’ release, to mix and master the new album. “He’s brilliant when it comes to mixing and we love his taste in everything he’s had his hand in,” says Nikki. “We went much deeper than we ever did before, layering in ambience and sounds and space, and we knew we could trust that the final mix would come back with everything in its perfect place.”

The band adds, “In a way, we’ve been building up to this moment since we started playing music together. It’s like we’re meeting the world for the first time and can’t wait to introduce ourselves.”

Building Castles in Air can be ordered from Amazon and iTunes.