Swedish vocalist Linnéa Vikström, best known as one of the vocalists in Therion, has signed a worldwide deal with Despotz Records.

Leanna says, “I’m really excited to be working together with Despotz and with their help I’ll be sure to present some fantastic music to the world! Just the fact that Despotz is willing to release an album recorded completely live shows how willing they are to break new grounds and think outside of the box. Be ready to venture out deep into the universe as we launch this spacecraft of music!”

Linnea will work with her solo project under the secret name of QFT. The debut album will be released November of 2017, with the first, as yet untitled, single hitting the streets in May.

“Imagine if Black Sabbath and Pagan’s Mind gave birth to a starchild, thus QFT is born,” says Despotz’ Omer Akay. “This is the mastermind of Linnéa Vikström. The space journey has just begun.”