Swedish pop punk outfit, BROWSING COLLECTION have released the second video from their upcoming Ep, Don’t Want to Dance.  Entitled “Something to Hold On To,” the band decided to team up with Shockwaves for the premiere.  

Regarding the song, lead guitarist Moa Lenngren says, “I remember when I wrote the first demo version. I was home from work because my stupid ass fell off a container and broke my wrist in two places. Since I had six metal pieces screwed into my arm I had to record everything on a midi keyboard, one note at a time. I was really not happy with the song, so I decided not to show it to the others. Eventually they made me play it to them and we decided to give it a go. Now it’s actually one of my favorites!” Lead vocalist / guitarist Mimi Brander adds, “At first I thought the riff was a bit lame and I had a hard time seeing the potential in the demo version. But now it has really grown on me and it’s one of my absolute favorite songs to play live! It’s really fun and the finished version is almost as tight as Carros’ butt. I also remember Moa and I having totally different ideas about what the lyrics were about, though she never told me how she read the lyrics.  So when I added “I can’t keep my hands off you”  to the second verse, I apparently changed the whole meaning of the song.”


The band kicked off a run of Seoul, Korean today with the following dates:

5 October – Strange Fruit

7 October – Club FF

7 October – MUV Hall (second date, same day)

9 October – K – Arts Content

On November 2nd BROWSING COLLECTION plays the Skovde in Rock Festival, alongside Night Flight Orchestra, Mustach, Corroded and others.

The single “Something To Hold On To” can be purchased on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.