(1 March 2013 – Phoenix, AZ)  First came the antenna television, then cable television, followed by satellite television, and now Heavy Metal Television has successfully launched the first network television station, via the Internet. In a mere 90 days over 125,000 IP addresses (unique visitors) have viewed the station, and the numbers continue to grow by the minute. To date there has been no major marketing or mainstream media dollars supporting Heavy Metal Television, just simple word of mouth throughout the world. Consumers can easily tune in through a web address that is NOT a website, as there is NO navigation. There is NO log in, or password required. Nor will you be bothered by annoying pop-ups or Facebook buttons.


Heavy Metal Television was created by a small national US team in September 2012. The network is the home of the 1 minute commercial break limited by 20 second commercial spots 4 -5 times an hour, (the station has to pay its bills somehow). Sandwiched between classic and current heavy metal videos, that span over 40 years of metal history, 24 hours a day 365 days a year around the world. Dishing up a buffet of metal delights, is the newly hired 8 person VJ team, that also includes a “Demon” VJ Baron Von Killmore.


Heavy Metal Television beat Apple, Google,YouTube, and Intel in the race to create / offer the first 24 hour international television through the net, for free to consumers. All you have to do to experience it for yourself is tune into heavymetaltelevision.com.