Despotz Recording Artists Sonic Syndicate has released the first in a series of five video blogs detailing the band’s new musical direction and their first album for the Despotz label, Confessions as well as their new lease on life.  The band has teamed with New Noise for these vlogs, the first of which can be viewed here.

“Confessions Episode 1” opens with founding members, vocalist Nathan J.Biggs and guitarisr Robin Sjunnesson discussing the bands departure from their former label, Nuclear Blast with bassist, Michel Barzen, manager Mike Gargano and Despotz label partner Omer Akay each sharing their views on the bands future.

Sonic Syndicate’s new album, Confessions is out on 14 October with the album’s first single, “Start a War” seeing a digital release on 2 September.

The band encourages you to share your confessions by using the hashtag #SoSyConfessions